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There are many form of energy healing. I try to explain the forms i use when doing sessions. I also use Crystals and make Crystal Jewelry.

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Are you struggling to manage your stress levels? Do you suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, motivation challenges? Do you sense the connection between emotional trauma and a physical discordance in your body?AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing is for you!

Find your center and balance with AUMAKHUA-KI ®! AK is a new form of natural healing system designed to assist in healing and help achieve balance body and in your life. Simply put, AUMAKHUA-KI ® is pure high frequency life force energy.

AK is a new form of Energy Balancing and Healing that is administered by a practitioner, who serves as a conduit through whom the Universal Life Energy can be transmitted to the recipient, by either hands-off, distance, or remote healing techniques over the internet. It is an Energy that travels over distance and space easily without any barriers, and will be received on the other end just as strong as if you were there in person!

AUMAKHUA-KI® can accelerate internal harmony, a heightened state of awareness and feelings of bliss, calmness and contentment, kind of an Energy HIGH!

Our body knows how to heal itself. But, if our energy systems are weak, then there is a need for energy healing. Energy healing helps to balance the chakras, nerve centers and it helps increase blood circulation throughout the body and to the organs. Energy circulation is important for helping human bodies remain in a healthy balanced state. The human body can restore, rejuvenate and heal itself. When our energy systems are out of balance, it affects our whole wellness and being.

Experience the energy NOW and schedule an AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing session today!

Aumakhua-Ki® is a new, high frequency form of Chakra balancing, aligning, and healing. It has an energy that can be felt by the client. It is very much like Reiki except a little different. It is hard to describe, and something you just have to experience for your self! Think of it as Reiki on steroids!

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One thing was I really felt the heat. At first I thought – does this really work? Well, I am telling you first hand it does!

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