Aumakhua-Ki energy healing by design energy healing

What is Aumakhua-Ki®?

Aumakhua-Ki® Energy Healing and Meditation is a form of energy work that assesses and balances your energy, has powerful tools for emotional clearing, and aligns the energy centers in your body, so that it may remember how to heal itself. In person, webinar (distant session), and remote sessions are available. AK is a new and MUCH more powerful high frequency Energy Healing modality than Reiki. Aumakhua-Ki® is like Reiki on steroids!!

AK can accelerate internal harmony, a heightened state of awareness and feelings of bliss, calmness and contentment. Our body knows how to heal itself. But, if our energy systems are weak, then there is a need for energy healing. Energy healing helps to balance the chakras, nerve centers and it helps increase blood circulation throughout the body and to the organs. Energy circulation is important for helping human bodies remain in a healthy balanced state. The human body can restore, rejuvenate and heal itself. When our energy systems are out of balance, it affects our whole wellness and being.

How does AUMAKHUA-KI® work? After the practitioner raises their vibration, AUMAKHUA-KI® high frequency energy flows through the practitioner’s palms at different rates of speed, depending on various factors such as the extent of the recipient’s illness, degree of blockage, his or her readiness to accept change, and so on. The practitioner’s hands may become hot as the energy flows thru them to the client. AUMAKHUA-KI® sessions are very relaxing. The client may feel vibration, tingling, heat, cold, or other sensations either localized or all over their body. They will feel a calmness and bliss…. kind of an energy high!

Is it necessary to touch someone to do healing or to transfer energy?
No. The practitioner transmits healing energy out their hands to another person a few ways:

The AUMAKHUA-KI ® Method of energy healing is the most powerful hands-off system of energy healing their is! Unlike other systems the client actually can feel the energy working.
*Without touching a client, the practitioner can do energy work within their auric field. The practitioner’s hands can be 2” or more away from the client’s body.
*The practitioner can “beam” healing energy out of their hands to the person in the same room or over the internet in a web chat session.
*The practitioner can do Absentee Healing or remote healing (also called long-distance healing). Some energy systems teach this method including Reiki  and the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Method of Remote Healing. This makes AK great for over the internet sessions. You don’t have to leave your home or go anywhere to get the benefits of AK!