Our Team

We are here as those who have awakened spiritually and have been called back to the Light of the olde Paths. We are Light workers who deal in what the world titles “paranormal”, if you will. Things like ghosts, and spirits are our specialty. We work on all dimensions as healers.

We are here to guide those that have been awakened by the light, back to the path of truth.
We perform psychic scans, chakra scans and help with spirits, hauntings, parasites and darkness all through astral means. We also offer, psychic readings, tarot readings, palm readings, mediumship work as we are called upon by spirit. Also dream and vision interpretation, lessons on herbs, crystals, spells and all means of spiritual well-being and physical health.

Our desire is to bring healing to the earth and all its inhabitants. We honor Father Spirit Creator and Mother Earth. We are here for palm readings, tarot and numerous other spiritual aid.
If you are in need of help, please contact us privately. There are no titles here of religion, we are simply workers of Light in the Olde Path. We understand that there are numerous other groups with the same goal from spirit as we have and we hope to continue to connect with them all, as we will accomplish more when we work together for the greater good. Light and Love to you all.