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Aumakhua-Ki® not only benefits people but our extended families in the animal kingdom as well.

Animals are naturally receptive to the Aumakhua-Ki® healing energy and tend to gravitate towards it readily. Some pets may prefer to experience the energy from a slight distance, rather than having the practitioner’s hands directly on them which makes AK perfect for the animal kingdom.

Aumakhua-Ki® sessions for pets typically last 15-30 minutes. The fee for a treatment is $55. The frequency of sessions depends entirely on each individual animal’s health status and needs. Some health issues can be resolved in two or three sessions, others may take ongoing sessions on a recurring basis. By Design Energy Healing frequency of sessions will be tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Some Benefits of Aumakhua-Ki® for pets:

  • Can enhance overall well-being.
    Just like people, even healthy pets can have occasional physical, emotional and mental imbalances that, if left untreated, can manifest as illness. Periodic Aumakhua-Ki®  treatments can help maintain your pet’s natural state of well-being and balance.
  • Can strengthen the immune system for cancer therapies.
  • Can accelerate healing following surgery or illness.
    Aumakhua-Ki®  can alleviate and prevent side effects of conventional medications such as pain killers and antibiotics, and provides pain relief and relaxation to facilitate and enhance the body’s natural healing response.
  • Increases trust and bonding between you and your pet.
    People and pets often mirror each others’ physical and emotional states. Animals are natural healers and sometimes take on their person’s problems, often in an attempt to heal them. This happens because of the deep bond shared between a pet and his or her person. Because of the shared energy in such a close relationship, energetic imbalances are shared as well. For optimum healing, joint treatments for people and their pets can often be beneficial.
  • Can help with behavior issues by promoting relaxation and stress reduction.
    Many behavior issues are caused by stress. Aumakhua-Ki® has a calming effect on the pet and may help make the pet more receptive to training and behavior modification.
  • Provides comfort and relieves pain, anxiety and fear for terminally ill animals.


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These are just a few babies that can be helped by Aumakhua-Ki® Energy Healing. The list is endless!

Why choose remote healing over hands on?

If the animal requesting the healing is not in the same geographical area as the animal healer, and remote healing can be a good option for animals who are skittish about being with strangers or too hyper to sit still. Remote treatments are just as effective as in person treatments and can be preferable to hands-on treatments in some instances. Distance treatments are also quick to schedule. I will need a picture of your animal friend and their name to tune in to their energy.