One thing was I really felt the heat. At first I thought – does this really work? Well, I am telling you first hand it does! I could not hardly take a step without pain but when I went to bed that night I was already out of most of the pain. It WORKS! I am still pain free. – Millie Savage 10-11-16


I felt a dramatic change in my leg. It was heavy almost numb but without the lack of circulation. For about an hour after the session I felt blissful, sort of calm. The day after, there were still things that made me feel high strung but there was a clarity in my mind that allowed me to communicate my feelings! – Savannah Boyd 10-20-16


The first thing I felt was the heat when Kim started to work on me. She was about 3 1/2 feet away! I felt that. She moved in and started to work her way around me. When she was finished – my back & hips that were hurting were now free from pain. My head was clear and my eyes could see better! I felt like a new me! Thank you Kim! – Penny Beaumont, Reiki Master 12-2-16


Fantastic Experience!! I felt a warm sensation travel through my entire spinal column. The session eased my pain in the cervical and lumbar areas specifically. Most astounding was the “Electrical” impulses I experienced in my head. I have had two brain tumor surgeries and the energy that bounced off the titanium plate in my head was “Shocking!” Amazing session to say the least. – Ed Beaumont 12-2-16


The first thing I have to say Kim, you are wonderful. I asked Kim to work on me because I felt I needed my Chakras opened, and my back was needing some help there too. When she was finished I felt like myself again! I will always have Kim work on me. That is saying a lot because I just don’t trust but a very few to work on me. Anyone can trust Kim! – Penny Beaumont, Reiki Master 11-28-16