Unintentional Intentions

Every moment we are thinking:  consciously/subconsciously. It makes no difference.  No one’s mind ever truly silences as long as we live. 

We talk about setting intentions and I think it’s important to remember that literally every thought is an intention. Sometimes called a prayer.  But a definite cry to the universe of what we desire or how we want to feel etc.  

I cannot stress enough how we defeat our ourselves with negative thought.

Ie:  they’re never going to change, Im fat and ugly, nothing ever goes right. Etc etc.

We defeat ourselves.

I once heard a tale about a great dry spell on the land.  The people cried for rain. They lost faith and figured it would never rain.  Anyways, they had a “call to prayer meeting”.  Many came to join in prayer for the rain.  But one boy came with his umbrella.  THAT’S the difference between wishing and lacking faith… And setting a positive intention to the universal light… That you are calling the rain you know will come. 

So it is in life.  We owe ourselves to “pray” not as some desperate needy thing, but as a warrior who knows their own power within… The power of creator. 

Want life to be different?   Set an intention.  Then keep your thoughts in check.  We spend every second in a breathless prayer. Weaving our way from one issue of dissatisfaction to the next.  

Meet me in the morning….. Let’s set some intentions yall!

Love n light